About Me

I currently work as a concept artist for Playground Games in Leamington, UK. I have worked on a number of high profile IPs, including RuneScape, Forza, James Bond, Transformers, NFL and Walking Dead.

I have been published in a number of books and magazines including: ImagineFX; Ballistic Publishing Exotique and Expose; Warcraft Tribute Art Book; Aphrodisia. I also won my category in the Share One Planet wildlife art invitational.

When not working, or creating my own art, I can be found making bead-woven jewelry, playing video games and generally indulging in creative pursuits.

Contact and Links

I am also available for projects such as trading cards and book covers. My tailored illustration portfolio can be found here: Sam Hogg Illustration

Email: xephyri@gmail.com
twitter: zephyri

Other skills

Before I became a concept artist I was a graphic designer, so am fluent in illustrator and Quark, print design and branding.

I speak both French and German, but am rusty with both.
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